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Resources Profiling
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Business Performance Evaluation
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Support Services



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Hanya 3 langkah sahaja dengan ELSA

1. Daftar

Daftar dengan ELSA dan tambah profil perniagaan anda

2. Menilai

Jawab penilaian ELSA, dengan maklumat yang tepat

3. Capai dengan ELSA

Lihat hasil dan tingkatkan perniagaan anda dengan Panduan Transisi Kitaran Hidup ELSA

Soalan Lazim

The Enterprise Lifecycle Scoring Assessment (hereafter “ELSA”) is designed to provide assessment of SME Lifecycle stages. The application of ELSA is developed by Centre of Entrepreneur Development and Research (CEDAR) which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SME Bank.

The ELSA application mainly will assist CEDAR as followings:
  • Profiling of resources/capacities help to navigate the SME through its lifecycle and strive for higher achievement.
  • Evaluates performance for each factor as a whole and sub-factor, highlighting the typical business challenges and priorities of each stage, as well as alignment issues in terms of resources/capacities;
  • Supports a contextualised assessment for SMEs of different size and business sector by assigning an importance or significance weighting to each sub-factor. The assessor will be given a choice to use prescribed weights (perception-based weights which primarily consider SME size) or his/her assigned weight factor.
  • To help the SME map its areas of need in terms of business coaching, other enabling intervention, etc. based on the phase it is in or about to transition to, and to link the SME to corresponding support services.
  • Facilitate monitoring of the growth and development of an enterprise over time

ELSA application is used by all Malaysia entrepreneurs with MINIMUM ONE (1) year in doing business. The application however only applicable for businesses CATEGORIZE as SME as per below definition.

No, at the moment ELSA application is FREE to use.

ELSA application helps CEDAR and its strategic partners a rigorous and systematic way to identify where the enterprise is in its stage of development and what additional resources or improvements may be needed to navigate successfully through their lifecycles. The ELSA Methodology consists of a resource/capacity profiling grid, Lifecycle Transition Guidance, identification of priority areas for improvement and a tiered framework for support. To this end, ELSA facilitates an analysis of desired resources/capacities against existing resources/capacities by generating an understanding of existing resources and needs. Such an understanding serves as input for clarifying the types of resources that could be strengthened. ELSA can also set the baseline for continuous monitoring and evaluation of progress.

To register, you need to follow these steps:
  1. Logon to https://www.elsa.my
  2. Click “Register”
  3. Enter information required accordingly